Training & Education

ViewRanger has been acquired by Outdoor Active and the app and website are scheduled to be turned off at the end of February 2022.

A document has been prepared to help you make the switch to Outdoor Active, it is available on the website on the Documents page, it is located under the heading 'Training & Education Documents' and is called 'Outdoor Active - Transition from ViewRanger'.

The document covers all the tasks that we have used ViewRanger for. It is recommended that you take a couple of tasks at a time and practice them on your phone so you get familiar with them before moving on to the next task.

If you run into problems or have a question please feel free to contact me, I may be able to help, otherwise you can mail your query to the Outdoor Active helpdesk.

Alan Kane

10 January 2022


A two part document is now available on the website titled 'Outdoor Active - Beginners Guide', you will find it on the Documents page in the Training & Education Documents section.

As the title suggests it is intended for members who have not used a GPS app previously such as ViewRanger. It is also suitable for anyone who tried ViewRanger but never got to grips with the functionality.

Part 1 covers how to record, save and send a Track. This is what a Leader needs to do in order to record their walk and forward the Track to the Treasurer for uploading on the website.

Part 2 covers creating and following a Route for a walk that you want to lead in the future.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact with myself or Mark Taylor.

Alan Kane 

16 February 2022